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AIC - Artificial Intelligence and Cognition

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  • NEWS!: AIC 2023 will be held in Bremen (in September 2023). Dedicated website coming soon
  • The AIC workshop series on Artificial Intelligence and Cognition ("), was founded by Antonio Lieto in 2013. The first edition was held at the University of Turin. This series stems from the need of creating an international scientific forum for the discussion and the presentation of the theoretical and applied research developments in the field of Cognitively-inspired Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Artificial Systems and Computational Cognitive Science/Neuroscience.

    The main motivation behind the AIC events lies in the fact that, from a historical standpoint (and due to the previous influences of the cybernetics in the study of natural and artificial systems), research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been based on a strong collaboration with Cognitive Science disciplines.

    Many of the original founders of "AI" as a research discipline, indeed, aimed developing human-level AI systems by taking inspiration from the heuristics adopted by human (or animal) cognition. This goal is still pursued (with varied interpretations) by many researchers all around the world today and represents one of the main challenges for the AIC community.

    The collaboration between AI and Cognitive Science, indeed, has produced - along the years - mutual benefits. In AI this partnership has driven to the realization of better intelligent systems. In turn, in cognitive science, this partnership allowed the development of cognitive models and architectures providing greater understanding on human thinking. In recent years, after a period of partial fragmentation of the research directions, the area of cognitively inspired artificial systems is progressively attracting a renewed attention both from academia and industry and the awareness about the need for additional research in this interdisciplinary field has gained widespread acceptance.

    We invite every researcher interested in the overall goal and in the topics of interest (below) of the AIC workshop series to submit their scientific contribution to AIC.

    AIC is a peer-reviewed scientific venue that particularly welcome papers raising challenging questions, innovative ideas and out of the box thinking and which, as a consequence, can help to promote interesting discussions at the workshop. The participation of younger researchers is encouraged as well.

    Topics of interest for the AIC community include but are not limited to:

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